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  • The Preferred Open Source Edge Platform

    EdgeX Foundry is a highly flexible and scalable open source edge platform that facilitates interoperability between devices and applications at the IoT edge


EdgeX Foundry is an open source edge platform, under the Linux Foundation Edge umbrella.

It enables edge data collection from sensors (i.e. “things”) and acts as a dual transformation engine sending and receiving data to and from enterprise, cloud, and on-premise applications. EdgeX also allows for edge data processing and for performing intelligence (AI) at the edge. 


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Open Source Edge Platform | EdgeX Foundry


Why EdgeX?


The preferred open source edge platform

With millions of container downloads, supported by a growing community of developers and vendors creating an ecosystem of interoperable components.

Maximize choice

EdgeX Foundry is an open software platform that is vendor-neutral, providing more options relative to proprietary solutions. It is platform agnostic and it is independent of hardware, operating system, software, and cloud.

Focus on value add

Plug and play distributed microservices software architecture enables users/developers to focus on value creation. Ability to add your own edge data analytics and connectors.

Reduce cost, risk and time to market

Leverage community resources, simplify the integration of new and legacy devices/applications and avoid creating your own middleware.

Support Innovation

Key enabler for community collaboration and creation of next generation secure, intelligent (AI/ML), low latency and autonomous edge software solutions for any use case.

Realize edge computing benefits

Ensure security and reduce transmission costs by processing locally and by exposing selected data to the cloud. Achieve real-time results despite intermittent connectivity and simplify OT/IT integration.

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See how EdgeX is being used to transform businesses across a range of industries

Intel: Intelligent Loss Prevention in Retail

Intel: Intelligent Loss Prevention in Retail

Discover this use case from Intel, based on the open retail industry, using EdgeX Foundry for loss detection in real-time for self-checkouts. Read more.

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Wipro: Surface Quality Inspection for a Manufacturing Plant

Wipro: Surface Quality Inspection for a Manufacturing Plant

Discover this use case from Wipro, based on the manufacturing industry, using EdgeX Foundry to use sensor data to automate surface quality inspection.

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Technotects: Monitoring Industrial Equipment

Technotects: Monitoring Industrial Equipment

Discover this use case from Technotects, based on monitoring industrial equipment, using EdgeX Foundry to acquire and analyze data from different sensors.

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Discover why industry leaders choose EdgeX Foundry

See global companies including Accenture, TIBCO, and Thundersoft talk about their use of EdgeX Foundry

Adopter series, End to end edge software solution | EdgeX FoundryAdopter series | EdgeX Foundry

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"We've made our virtualization solutions compatible with EdgeX releases because we believe they will have a central role in our industry's future."

Joel Vincent
VP Marketing, ZEDEDA

"The EdgeX platform will significantly reduce the R&D investment required to create a majority of the industrial IoT applications required in the market today."

Tom McKinney
Director Engineering Services and business development, HMS Networks

"EdgeX Foundry is the key component of Beechwoods IoT gateway solution that allows our customers to engage confidently in edge software technology."

Brad Kemp
President, Beechwoods Software

EdgeX Foundry is supported by LF Edge members including:

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