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EdgeX Foundry Adopter Series

Discover why industry leaders choose EdgeX Foundry


Learn how HCLTech’s Center of Excellence team uses EdgeX Foundry for multiple different edge use cases in different business verticals

Presented by Vijay Annamalaisamy, Technical Specialist at HCLTech and Sathya Durai, Solution Architect at HCLTech


Watch Building Systems Integrators (BSI) describe how they utilize EdgeX Foundry products in the building automation domain

Presented by Ryan Brothers, VP Engineering and Development - BSI, and Kenny Farmer, VP Operations - BSI


Learn about Advantech's compact edge intelligence system EI-52 with EdgeX Foundry's built-in, targeting automation and smart city uses

Presented by Charlie Wu, Product Management Manager - Advantech


Watch and discover about Running Enterprise-Grade Edge Applications with EdgeX Foundry on Ubuntu Core.

Presented by Tony Espy (Canonical SW Engineer) and David Beamonte (Canonical Product Manager)


Watch and discover the digital transformation in Retail industry with Open Retail Reference Architecture (ORRA).

Presented by Chris Timmins - Intel, Joe Pearson - IBM, and Henry Lau - HP 


Watch IOTech present how they have built a successful range of COTS value-add edge offerings based on EdgeX Foundry.

Presented by Keith Steele - IOTech CEO, Jim White - IOTech CTO, and James Butcher - Product Manager at IOTech.


Watch HP introduce "HP Engage Edge" - World's first retail product powered by EdgeX Foundry

Presented by Henry Lau, Distinguished Technologist at HP, and Sandip Kamat, Global Product Management & Strategy at HP Inc.


Watch Intel's Retail Reference Implementations using EdgeX Foundry - Automated Checkout

Presented by Raysana Hurtado, Sr. Product Manager I Emerging Technologies IoT, and Leonard Goodell Sr. Software Engineer and EdgeX Foundry Product Manager and TSC Member at large


Watch TIBCO present their IoT efforts and platform including their use of EdgeX Foundry

Presented by Jesús Centeno & Marcelo Gallardo with TIBCO Labs


Watch ThunderSoft present its IoT efforts and platform including its use of EdgeX Foundry

Presented by Pengcheng Zou, CTO at ThunderSoft


Watch Jiangxing Intelligence present its IoT efforts and platform including its use of EdgeX Foundry

Presented by Professor Jiangchuan Liu, CEO at Jiangxing Intelligence


Watch Accenture present their use of EdgeX Foundry as part of their AIP+ edge software platform

Presented by Allan Houghton, Digital Mobility Mobile IOT and Mobile Security lead – Product Offering development at Accenture

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