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Ecosystem Overview

EdgeX Foundry is an open source stage 3/impact project under the LF Edge umbrella. The LF Edge projects create a unified Open Source Edge community that seeks to foster collaboration across industries and harmonization across Edge projects.

All participants can create value in the EdgeX Ecosystem


Hardware OEM/ODM

Easier to deploy and scale faster with interoperable partner


Sensor/ Device Maker

Write a driver with your selected protocol once and get pull from solution providers


Application Provider /ISV

Develop interoperable application services and cloud connectors for Edge to Cloud solutions


System Integrator

Get to market faster with plug-and-play ingredients combined with your own innovations


End User

Deploy flexible IoT edge solutions that add value through innovation and adapt to changing business needs

LF Edge members

LF Edge members are industry-leading organizations across telecom, cloud and enterprise technologies. Join LF Edge to support the development of open, interoperable frameworks for edge computing independent of hardware, silicon, cloud, or operating system.


LF Member Offerings based on EdgeX

These are some of the available offerings from LF Edge Member companies/organizations that provide product(s) and/or service(s) that augment, extend or complement the use of EdgeX Foundry for IoT Edge deployments.


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