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EdgeX v2.2 (Kamakura) Release Now Available

The Kamakura release of EdgeX is the 10th community release by the Foundry and also marks the project turning five years old.

As well as adding key new features relating to metrics collection, security and configurability, EdgeX 2.2 provides brand new services for connecting to and controlling a range of IP cameras. This enables exciting new computer vision use cases where video streams can be delivered to AI/ML engines to produce yet more sensor data for EdgeX to collect, analyze and process.

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What is in the EdgeX Kamakura release

The EdgeX Foundry 2.2 (Kamakura) release includes the following major changes and additions since EdgeX 2.1: 

    • Metrics Telemetry Collection
      • New infrastructure to help EdgeX adopters better monitor the health and status of the EdgeX services
      • Initial metrics collection examples have been added to the Core Data service for this release 
    • Allowing the Delayed Start of Services
      • EdgeX services can now be added or started at any time and still receive security tokens. Previously this required a restart of the platform
      • A new EdgeX infrastructure service allows tokens to be accessed at any time and not just at EdgeX bootstrapping/initialization 
    • Dynamic Device Profiles
      • Device Profiles can now be changed dynamically while EdgeX is running
      • A new API is provided that allows users to add, update and delete device profile resources and commands
    • New Camera Device Services
      • New services for command, control and interfacing with ONVIF and USB cameras
      • Video streams and images can be sent to AI/ML engines to produce inferred results which themselves can be delivered back to the EdgeX platform – for example via the MQTT or REST Device Services
    • Update of the EdgeX CLI
      • Support added for all EdgeX APIs to be executed by the CLI
      • Updating of the CLI to V2 of the EdgeX APIs

EdgeX Foundry 2.2 is a minor release and is therefore backwardly compatible with the previous EdgeX 2.0 Ireland and 2.1 Jakarta releases.

For a more detailed description of the changes and updates to the EdgeX Kamakura release, please see Release Notes

Release Cadence

In order to provide EdgeX consumers with a predictable foundation to base their commercial offerings,  a goal of the Foundry is to outline key release themes at least 12 months in advance and to plan features to be delivered in a given release 6 months in advance.

Release cadence is bi-annually, with targets of April and October as release months. The release history as well as the named releases currently scheduled are shown below. 

Source code for all EdgeX release can be accessed on GitHub. Release branches are tagged with the associated release name (e.g. Kamakura)

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