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  • EdgeX v1.2 (Geneva) Release Now Available

    Latest EdgeX release includes improvements to support production-ready deployment with more efficient Device on-boarding, a brand new and optimized Rules engine, more flexible and optimized data exporting and more robust security

What’s unique about the EdgeX Geneva release

  • Builds on the foundation over three years of intense development and real-world customer deployments
  • Stable API baseline for the standardization of an Open IoT edge applications
  • Better and more optimized support for edge analytics and rules
  • Cloud-agnostic Northbound communications with full SDK and support for AWS, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure
  • Multi-vendor Southbound connectivity options across many popular protocols plus SDKs for ease of development new protocols with better support for Device onboarding through improved discovery capabilities
  • More robust Security and improved management of secrets
  • Comprehensive testing, including performance and scalability, integration and backwards compatibility testing
  • New and improved user documentation
  • Cleaner and more flexible code base with pluggable messaging support
  • A huge and growing Global partner ecosystem offering a range of complementary products and services


Release Cadence

In order to provide EdgeX consumers with a predictable foundation to base their commercial offerings on it is the goal to outline key release themes at least 12 months in advance and to plan features to be delivered in a given release 6 months in advance.

Release cadence is bi-annually, with targets of April and October as release months.

Source code for all EdgeX release can be accessed on GitHub. Release branches are tagged with the associated release name (e.g. Geneva)

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