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EdgeX Napa (v3.1) Release Now Available

The Napa release of EdgeX is the 13th community release by the Foundry and continues the trend of reliably producing releases since the project’s inception in 2017.

EdgeX 3.1 becomes the latest long-term support (LTS) release from the community. It is a stabilization release of the previous EdgeX 3.0 (Minnesota) release which provides a number of usability enhancements including easier configuration and control of the framework.

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What is in the EdgeX Napa release

The EdgeX Foundry 3.1 (Napa) release includes the following major changes and additions since EdgeX 3.0 (Minnesota):

    • URI for files 
      • A new ability to load EdgeX configuration files from a remote location via a URI
      • Device profiles, device definitions, units of measure and provision watchers, etc., can be managed from a single location compared to copying and maintaining multiple versions of similar files
    • Common Configuration support for C Device Services
      • The Common Configuration pattern added in EdgeX 3.0 is now also supported in the C Device Service SDK
      • All services in EdgeX now support this feature
    • Major Documentation Improvements 
      • Overhaul, refactor, and general improvement of the EdgeX docs especially as part of the V3 stabilization 
      • Includes updates to describe each EdgeX service in a standard and consistent manner 
    • Core Data Retention
      • Ability to retain a configurable maximal number of data readings
      • Data that would exceed this limit is automatically purged by the platform
    • Record and Replay Service
      • New Application Service that will record EdgeX events received by the internal message bus and replay them back at a later time
      • Useful to test that new/existing services are receiving and processing EdgeX events correctly 

EdgeX Foundry 3.1 (Napa) is a minor release and is therefore backwards compatible with the previous EdgeX V3.0 release.

For a more detailed description of the changes and updates to the EdgeX Napa release, please see Release Notes

Release Cadence

To provide EdgeX Foundry consumers with a predictable foundation on which to base their commercial offerings, a goal of EdgeX Foundry is to outline key release themes at least 12 months in advance and to plan features to be delivered in each release 6 months in advance.

Release cadence is biannual, with targets of April and October for the release months.

EdgeX Foundry release cadence diagram

The source code for all EdgeX releases can be accessed on GitHub. Release branches are tagged with the associated release name (e.g., Napa)

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