EdgeX v1.0 (Edinburgh) Released

The EdgeX v1.0 release represents a significant milestone in EdgeX development. It is the first major release that signals EdgeX’s fitness as an Open IoT Edge Computing software platform for real-world applications backed by a Global Partner Ecosystem.

What makes this release unique?

  • Two years of intense development and customer testing
  • Stable API baseline for the standardization of an Open IoT edge applications
  • Cloud-agnostic Northbound communications with full SDK and support for AWS, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure
  • Multi-vendor Southbound connectivity options across many popular protocols plus SDKs for ease of development and integration of new protocols
  • Comprehensive testing, including performance and scalability testing
  • High-quality user documentation
  • Cleaner and more flexible code base
  • A huge Global partner ecosystem offering a range of complementary products and services
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The market is talking about EdgeX v1.0

"EdgeX Foundry is the key component of Beechwoods IoT gateway solution that allows our customers to engage confidently in edge computing technology. With the Edinburgh release, this solution will be ready to transition from customer engagement to product deployment."

Brad KempPresident, Beechwoods Software

"The 1.0 release of EdgeX Foundry brings much needed standardisation and stability for edge computing in production environments through an open source, common framework. The availability of the EdgeX Foundry snap enables developers an easy path to getting started with EdgeX Foundry, and benefit from confinement, easy integration into their own infrastructure, and automatic updates. In addition, this 1.0 release introduces new device snaps providing integration with MQTT and ModBus."

Loic MinierIoT Field Engineering Director, Canonical

“The EdgeX platform offers HMS Networks a path to quickly build Industrial IoT solutions by providing predefined set of services for I/O functionality. HMS has created a J1939 service for EdgeX platform to help simplify IoT solutions for the commercial vehicle telemetry market. Ultimately, the EdgeX platform will significantly reduce the R&D investment required to create a majority of the Industrial IoT applications required in the market today.”

Tom McKinneyDirector Engineering Services and Business Development, HMS Networks

"EdgeX Foundry is an important project arriving at the right time. It promises to connect devices to capabilities, and then get out of the way so you can run containerized workloads to generate insights, run model scoring, or detect anomalies … all at the edge. IBM is collaborating with EdgeX Foundry as part of our hybrid cloud strategy to help enterprises unlock the value of data from on-premises to the cloud to the edge."

David BolokerDistinguished Engineer, IBM

"EdgeX Foundry provides an open framework for ease of design, development, & deployment at the Edge, while addressing stringent security, privacy & compliance requirements. NetFoundry added its vendor-agnostic, connectivity-as-code solution to EdgeX in order to enable developers and integrators to get similar ease of use, security and performance for their northbound application connectivity to core, clouds and service meshes. With the release of EdgeX v1.0, the EdgeX Foundry developer community has all the tools needed to deliver on market needs and ensure secure, agile innovation at the Edge"

Galeal ZinoCEO, NetFoundry Inc.

"As Digital Transformation for IoT gathers momentum, companies are demanding the same reliability, performance and security at the edge as they are used to getting from their Cloud Computing stack. With this release, EdgeX with Redis Labs RedisEdge not only delivers upon those expectations, but provides an ecosystem of open source technologies and plug-ins such as Redis Modules that help developers innovate."

Dave NielsenHead of Community and Ecosystem Programs, Redis Labs

"EdgeX Foundry addresses the problem of the license stack at the IoT Edge constantly increasing in cost by providing a well architected, high performance, open source platform that can be used for industrial solutions today."

Mike MaloneVice President, Technotects, Inc.

"ZEDEDA’s vision is to free cloud-native and legacy apps to run on any edge device anywhere in the world. This vision drives our support for EdgeX Foundry and its mission of promoting open interoperability between edge devices. We've made our virtualization solutions compatible with EdgeX releases because we believe they will have a central role in our industry's future."

Joel VincentVP Marketing, ZEDEDA

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