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NetFoundry Inc.

NetFoundry Ziti Edge: NetFoundry’s Ziti Edge provides programmable, software-only “Northbound” connectivity for EdgeX Gateway applications and services. Based on Zero Trust security principles, with integrations for HW root of trust based identity and Trusted Execution Environments (TEE), Ziti Edge delivers secure “Silicon-to-Cloud” connectivity, using any Internet connection, while keeping both sides of the connection “dark” to the Internet.

Who are the consumers/users of your app, product or project?

Developers and integrators that need agilely deployable security and performance for their northbound application connectivity to core, clouds and service meshes.

What business or technology benefit do your users get by using your app, product or project?

Comprehensive “Silicon-to-Cloud” application-centric connectivity security (incl. defense against DDoS and Man-in-the-Middle attacks), dynamic path route optimization to reduce latency & jitter, multipath routing to maintain resiliency, cloud native provisioning available via DevOps friendly APIs/CLIs and an SDK suited to custom integration. Meets the security needs of “critical infrastructure” Industry 4.0 and Industrial IoT, atop the public Internet.

What were the most compelling features of EdgeX for this project?

EdgeX Foundry provides an open framework for ease of design, development, & deployment at the Edge, while addressing stringent security, privacy & compliance requirements. NetFoundry added its vendor-agnostic, connectivity-as-code solution to EdgeX in order to enable developers and integrators to get similar ease of use for cybersecurity and edge-to-multicloud connectivity.

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