Accenture and EdgeX Webcast

Tuesday, 30 June 2020 | 3:00pm to 4:00pm (UTC+00:00) UTC
Presented by Allan Haughton, Digital Mobility Mobile IOT and Mobile Security lead - Product Offering development at Accenture

Accenture will present their use of EdgeX Foundry as part of their AIP+ edge computing platform.

Come learn about:

  • What is Accenture AIP+ and what is behind their edge solutions/strategy?  What edge use cases do they address?
  • Why did Accenture select EdgeX Foundry?
  • What parts of the EdgeX platform work well to address their use cases?
  • Where do they see issues/challenges in the current platform?  What could be made better and why?
  • What recommendations/proposals for future EdgeX roadmap work do they for the community to consider?

Tuesday, 30 June 2020 | 3:00pm to 4:00pm (UTC+00:00) UTC

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Maemalynn Meanor